Learn how to use and integrate PowerBoard to empower your business

Follow the below getting started guide to seamlessly integrate into Powerboard.

PowerBoard Test Account

  1. Receive your Pre-production credentials
    The first step to beginning your integration is to receive a PowerBoard test account. This will include pre-production API credentials required to begin integrating, and access to our PowerBoard merchant portal.
    Reach out to your CBA contact who will help you organise an account for you. Alternatively, please click here to reach out to our support team.

  2. Invite additional users
    PowerBoard will provide you with a pre-production admin account for the requested email address. Use the PowerBoard portal to invite any other users who will require access while integrating. You can find how on our user access guide.

  3. Add payment methods or connected services
    Ensure all required payment methods and connected services are configured within your Pre-production account to complete your integration. You can add Alternative payment methods using your test credentials provided by each service or reach out to our Merchant Support Team to configure these on your behalf.

  4. Learn how to navigate the PowerBoard Portal
    Read through our Powerboard Portal User Guide to learn how to navigate the portal.


A PowerBoard test account allows you to test your integration, however, there is no guarantee you will be able to make live payments.

Process payments with the PowerBoard Client SDK

The PowerBoard Client SDK is our low-code payments solutions that allows you to quickly get up and running accepting payments through PowerBoard. This SDK solution gives you the prebuilt payment forms required to capture card payments, 3DSecure 2.0, and includes all available Alternative Payment methods currently available within the PowerBoard platform.

If you're ready to start developing, jump into our PowerBoard payment guides here

Complete your Integration

Build upon your integration by adding any additional features PowerBoard offers such as Subscriptions for recurring payments, Vault tokenisation to save customer details for future purchases, authorise/capture, refunds, or webhooks.

Explore our guides below on how to integrate Alternative Payment methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Afterpay
  3. Zip
  4. Google Pay or Apple Pay

Once you integrated all your required features, ensure to test your integration is properly handling transactions, edge cases, and errors.

We have curated a list of test-case scenarios that are designed to cover various transaction scenarios (success and failure) when you are integrating into PowerBoard. We highly recommend that developers follow these while building the integration with PowerBoard and also as part of their QA testing in addition to their internal test scenarios.

Go-live Checklist

When you're ready to start processing real payments and you have signed your PowerBoard agreement, double check your integration against our Go-live Checklist to ensure a smooth go-live into production and begin to accept real money payments.


PowerBoard requires you to reach out to us in order to activate your account for production payments.