PowerBoard Merchant Portal Guide

PowerBoard Merchant Portal allows merchants to manage connected services, user access, subscriptions, customers and all features and functionalities within their PowerBoard platform.

  • The dashboard provides merchants with a lot of options, including accessing information about charges, creating new charges, refunds, subscriptions, and different reports. Merchants can perform all their payment-related tasks using PowerBoard Merchant Portal.
  • The charge information feature is particularly useful, allowing merchants to see all the charges processed through their accounts and filter them by date, status, and customer details. This feature helps merchants track their payments and identify issues.
  • Creating new charges is also easy with PowerBoard. The subscription feature lets merchants set up automatic payments for recurring charges, and the refund feature allows refunds to be processed directly to customers.
  • Different types of reports can be generated based on specific time periods, customers, products, or services.
  • Additionally, PowerBoard offers services such as payment gateways, 3DS and fraud prevention. These functionalities will help to simplify the work with transactions and secure clients' payments.
  • Payment information can be viewed using charts, making it easy to identify trends.
  • Merchants can manage their merchant profile information, including business name, address, and payment settings.
  • Notifications can also be set up for important payment events, such as successful payments or failed transactions.