Tokenisation with the Vault


By using Vault Tokens to store a Customer’s card details, you can securely recharge these payment
methods in the future. Our API suite provides the ability to associate certain vault tokens with other
parameters, such as a Customer or a specific Payment Service Provider. This allows you to strengthen
your business relationships with Payment Service Providers and improve reporting accuracy.

Tokens are created within the Vault whenever you create a new Customer (refer to the Customers
User Guide for more detail). The raw financial data is securely stored within a controlled and
compliant environment and replaced in your Dashboard with an encrypted Token, which can only be
used in conjunction with your unique API Secret Key. The token is a seemingly random, encrypted
combination of numbers and letters, which will be accessible from your Dashboard.

Working with Tokenisation

Tokenising Payment Methods happens seamlessly, however if you are intending to interact with
these tokens once they are created, it’s helpful to understand that:

  • Any Subscriptions that are running on old payment sources should be updated to the new
    Payment Source. Please refer to the User Guide for Subscriptions for more detail on how to do this.

  • A new Payment Source will be assigned automatically as the customer’s default payment
    source. Please refer to the User Guide for Customers to learn how you can change a default
    Payment Source.

Importing Tokens

You can import Tokens from your existing Payment Service Providers so you can continue to charge
existing Customers without any interruption to your business. Doing so will automatically associate
these tokens with a certain Payment Service Provider. This process can take some time to execute,
so please contact your Relationship Manager for assistance.

Associating Payment Sources with Tokens

When you create a Vault Token for the first time it does not need to be associated with a Customer
or a Payment Service Provider. However, we do recommend passing this information through when
creating new Tokens to help with reporting and tracking activity on your account.

Update Expiry of Vault Tokens

To update the expiry date of Vault Tokens:

  1. Go to Vault > Actions > Update Expiry for the specified template. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Insert new Expiry Month and Expiry Year
  3. Confirm with Update.
Update expiry of vault token

Remove Vault Tokens

To remove the Vault Tokens:

  1. Go to Vault > Actions > Remove for the specified token. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Confirm with Remove.
Remove vault token


Enable the manual embedding of unique vault token references during the creation of a vault token.

To enable embed, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Vault > Reference configuration.

  2. Click on the 'Embed Disabled' toggle. It will change to 'Embed Enabled.

  3. A success message confirms the action.

To disable Embed, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Vault > Reference Configuration.

  2. Click the 'Embed Enabled' toggle. It will revert to 'Embed Disabled.

  3. A message confirms the embedding is disabled.

Auto Generate

Configure your PowerBoard account to automatically generate vault token references in a specific format.

For further information on the formats available please see the Managing your tokens section.


The auto generate function works for cards only.

To enable auto generate, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Vault > Reference Configuration

  2. Click on the 'Auto Generate Disabled' toggle. It will change to 'Auto Generate Enabled.

  3. A Pop-up appears with options to Cancel or Proceed. Click Proceed.

  4. Configure the following:

    1. Auto Generate Segment: Required for Auto-generation, select a format from the dropdown list.

    2. Add Variable Segment: Predefined options showing payment source type.

    3. Add Text segment: Use as a divider or specific text in the generated part.

    4. Validation for text segment: The value must be alphanumeric, and can include '_'. '-', ':', and ';'. The total number of characters for all text segments must not exceed 18 characters.

  5. Save Configuration

    1. Click 'Save Auto Generate'. A confirmation message appears upon successful saving.

Updating Auto Generation Configuration:

  1. Go to Vaults > Reference Configuration.

  2. Update fields and click 'Update Auto Generate.

Disabling Auto Generation:

  1. Go to Vaults > Reference Configuration

  2. Click the 'Auto Generate Enabled' toggle. It will show a disabled state and hide fields for configuration.