Follow the below steps to correctly reconcile card payments through PowerBoard

1. Go to 'Charges'

Login to the PowerBoard Portal and navigate to the Charges section.

2. Select Txns View Mode from the drop down option

3. Create a new template or update the existing template following the below steps:

  1. If you are creating a new template, first select 'Default Txn' template from the list of templates in the drop down.
  2. Click on Settings

  1. In Txns View mode select transactions._id, transactions.type, transactions.status, transactions.created_at, transactions.processed_at fields under 'Display in the CSV export'

  2. In Charges View Mode select the fields you require in the report and make sure to include amount, customer.payment_source.card_scheme and Statistics.total_refunded_amount fields under 'Display in the CSV export'

  3. You can tick this field under 'Display in the Charges page as well.

  4. Click on 'Update' OR if you are creating a new template, write the template name and click on Save as new template.

4. Filter the transactions as below:

  1. Apply a filter by selecting 'Selecting Filter' in the charges section.

  1. Apply the below filters
    • From - <From {requiredDate} 05:30 PM>
    • To - <To {requiredDate} 05:30 PM>
    • Date - Processed At
    • Status - Complete, refunded
    • Charge Type - Financial
    • Transaction Type - Sale, Refund
    • If there are APMS, select gateway Type - Mastercard and Payment Service - Mastercard
  2. Click on Apply Filter
    The filtered items will also include the transactions processed on that settlement date and immediately refunded on the same day. The filtered items will exclude all the failed transactions.

5. Download the filtered items

Click on the Download Report button and select All Filtered Items from the dropdown list.

6. Open the downloaded file and filter the 'Customer.payment_source.card_scheme' column to exclude the AMEX, Diner or CUP charges

Select the ‘Customer.payment_source.card_scheme’ column and click on ‘Sort & Filter’ option.

Make sure only Mastercard and Visa are selected in the filtered options.

7. Filter the daily processed transactions

  1. Select the transactions.processed_at column and create a custom filter


If we are currently in daylight savings, change the filter to +11:00

  1. Filter by Sales in transactions.type
  2. Auto sum the values in the 'Amount' Column.
    This value will be the total amount settled (Including amount processed and refunded on the same day).

8. Filter the daily refunded transactions

  1. Filter by refund in transactions.type
  2. Auto Sum the amount in the 'statistics.total_refunded_amount' column
  3. Subtract the refunded amount from the total amount in step 9.
    The value here should match with the settlement amount in your bank account.


The AMEX and Diner transactions will take up to 3-5 business days to settle

Once these settle you can then filter out these by following the steps above, ensuring to filter these card schemes in the customer.payment_source.card_scheme column.