Integration Go-live Checklist

Double check your integration against the below checklist to ensure a simple go-live experience

Go-Live Checklist

This document will guide you through the various checks required to ensure you are ready to go live with Powerboard.

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Use the below checklist to ensure your integration is complete and the go-live transition is as seamless as possible.

  • Properly managed edge cases, error handling, and declined responses
    Building a robust integration that gracefully handles all errors and responses will ensure you do not face issues in your live environment. It is important you test your integration against

    • Incorrect data
    • Incomplete data
    • Edge case scenarios

    PowerBoard provides you with test cards that can be used to simulate error codes and transaction responses. Use these to test and verify your integration is correctly handling edge cases and PowerBoard error codes.

  • Double check your webhooks are configured in your production environment
    As PowerBoard has 2 separate environments for testing and go-live, you are required to configure the webhooks again within the production environment. Double check that the data your webhook is receiving aligns with the responses within production.

    Take the time to ensure your webhooks are properly handling the responses they receive, duplicate notifications are being handled, and are triggering based off the correct expected events.

  • Ensure you have configured your integration to production endpoints and API keys
    As you transition to going live with PowerBoard you will need to alter the SDK environment variables and API endpoints to direct to the Productions values. You can find the correct environment variables here.

    If you are using a Content-Security Policy, double check that these values are updated to the production policies as documented here.

  • Subscribe to our PowerBoard status page

    We recommend you subscribe to our PowerBoard status page to ensure you are immediately notified in the event of platform downtime or outages.

  • Ensure the required user access and roles are configured for your team
    If not already completed, create new users and access within the Production portal to any users that need access to the Portal. This can be done by following our Portal User Access guide.

    Double check the users have verified their access and the correct permissions.

  • Test your integration against all required card schemes and payment types
    Thoroughly testing your integration against all payment types is important in building a strong integration prior to going live in production.

    You can view and use all our available test cards to verify each possible scenario across each of the card types and payment methods.

  • Reporting and Reconciliation
    Understanding and properly ingesting PowerBoard reports correctly is important to ensure proper reconciliation.
    Review the standard reporting format or learn how to manage and customise your reporting in our guide here.
    Additionally, view our guide on reconciliation to learn how to properly reconcile your daily transactions.

Please reach out to your CBA contact or the PowerBoard support team if you need any assistance.

Once you have verified each of the above aspects of your integration, reach out to your CBA contact or our Merchant Support Team to confirm the integration has been completed to activate your production account and begin accepting real payments.