This document will guide you on how to correctly integrate Refunds with PowerBoard API.


In the event that you need to Refund a (charge) transaction, you will need to use our 'refund' API request to do this.

You will need to identify the ChargeID from the original transaction in the API endpoint.

API Endpoint{id}/refunds
HTTP Method
Headersx-user-secret-key- POWERBOARD_SECRET_KEY - This is your PowerBoard API Secret Key.
Content-Type - application/json - Content-Type will always be application/json.
Path Parametersid - The ChargeID returned from the initial charge.
Request Parametersamount - string - Amount to capture for the transaction (optional)
Supplying an amount will allow you to refund a specified amount of the funds. Supplying no amount will refund the full amount.


Important to note

amount is case-sensitive as such the field must be sent in all lower-case in the request body else PowerBoard will refund the full amount.

    "amount": "100.00"