PowerBoard Overview

PowerBoard is an eCommerce single integration solution that provides merchants access to a wide range of payment acceptance, alternative payment methods, and value-added services.

Product Description

PowerBoard is a "Payment Orchestration" service that allows a wide range of payment acceptance using a single integration connection. With this single integration, merchants can access an array of services from PowerBoard's connected services; from traditional card payments, Digital Wallets, alternative payment methods (such as Buy-Now-Pay-Later products and PayPal), and value-added services (such as Accertify [subject to the service provider’s approval] and 3DS 2.0).

Integrating with PowerBoard allows for transaction processing for all connected services. This ensures the merchant are up to date with their security protocols and compliance requirements.

PowerBoard Portal's simple interface allows merchant self-service for turning on and off Connected-Services; allowing flexibility in their payment acceptance and value-added services. This allows merchants to increase their customer's payment experience with minimal-to-zero development; Future proofing their solution eCommerce and strategy for online payment experience.

Please note: To utilise alternative payment methods, AMEX/JCB, Diners or value-added services via PowerBoard, a merchant will be required to enter into separate commercial agreements with the relevant service provider and be responsible for organising settlement with the alternative payment method provider and any potential fees with the relevant service provider