The field will be disregarded if it is marked as optional and the format provided is incorrect. However, a validation error will be displayed if the field is marked as mandatory and the format provided is incorrect.

"+" - means required (for all flows)
"-" - means not required (for any flow)
For instance, in POST Create Charge flow:
+6 means that the field is required for flow number 6
-6 means that the field is not required for flow number 6


PowerBoard has a PCI-compliant vault that lets you access and store customer payment details from all of your payment gateways. Our vault enables you to pre-fill customer card details and help your customers transact faster - regardless of the payment gateway you process transactions with.

The vault is built on the PowerBoard infrastructure so you do not take any liabilities or data risks.


The response can differ depending on the payment method:

  1. Сredit card;
  2. Created by fetch.

Vault resource

fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
vault_token+string (UIID)A vault token
created_at+string (ISO 8601 format - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ)A vault token creation date
updated_at+string (ISO 8601 format - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ)A date of the last vault token update
archived+boolFor newly created vaults, it is always false, it is set to true after manual archiving
user_id-string (24 hex characters)An ID of the request initiator if the request was made by the personal token (from the dashboard)
status+stringAn actual vault status. See the status table
_source_ip_address+stringA client's IP address
first_name-stringA customer's first name
last_name-stringA customer's last name
email-stringA customer's email
phone-string(E.164)A customer's phone in the E.164 international notation (Example: +12345678901)
type+stringA type of payment source. card is for a source with a credit card.
card_name+1stringA cardholder's name (as on card)
card_number_last4+1string (numeric)Card number last 4 digits
card_number_bin+1string (numeric)Card BIN number
card_scheme+1stringA card scheme (i.g. visa, mastercard etc...)
expire_month+1string (mm)A card expiration month
expire_year+1string (yyyy)A card expiration year
account_name+2stringA customer's account name
account_number+2stringA customer's account number
account_routing-2string (numeric)A customer's account number: BSB/Routing/SWIFT/IBAN Number
account_holder_type-2stringAn account type (personal or business)
address_line1-stringA customer's address, line 1
address_line2-stringA customer's address, line 2
address_state-stringA customer's address, state
address_country-stringA customer's address, country code
address_city-stringA customer's address, city
address_postcode-stringA customer's address, postcode
fetch_id+2string (24 hex characters)The ID of existing fetch that created the vault token


activeA default status after creating
archivedA status after the vault token is manually archived