Create a new vault payment token representing user’s payment information.


You can create a vault using:

  1. credit card
  2. one-time token

Request body

token+2string(UIID)One-time token with all the payment source information
first_name-stringCustomer first name
last_name-stringCustomer last name
email-stringCustomer email
phone-string(E.164)Customer phone in E.164 international notation (Example: +12345678901)
type+stringType of source. card for source with credit card
card_name+1stringCardholder name (as on card)
card_number+1string(numeric)Card number
expire_month+1string(mm)Card expiration month mm
expire_year+1string(yyyy)Card expiration year
card_ccv-1string(numeric)Card CCV number
address_line1-stringCustomer Address, line 1
address_line2-stringCustomer Address, line 2
address_state-stringCustomer Address, State
address_country-stringCustomer Address, Country Code
address_city-stringCustomer Address, City
address_postcode-stringCustomer Address, Postcode
store_ccv-booleanA flag to be able to use a CCV value for the initial transaction