Creates a trigger to send a notification to a customer or endpoint. To send an email or SMS to a customer, use swap values (eg {{PHONE}} or {{EMAIL}}) which are loaded from the customer (See Swap Values for templates for the full list).

Request body

type+stringType of notification: webhook, email, sms
destination+stringWhere to send notification (secure https:// URL for webhook, email address for email ({{EMAIL}} of the current customer), phone number in international E.164 format ({{PHONE}} of the current customer))
template_id+email, +smsstringCustom template, which can be used with email, sms or webhook notifications
event+stringEvent to trigger a notification. Look at the Event table
from-stringFROM email address parameter
subject-stringSet subject of an email notification
transaction_only-webhookboolIf true, the payload of an event will include information on the latest transaction only and a charge ID. The rest of the fields will be omitted. By default, it is set to false.
notification_service_id-webhookstringAuthentication service ID (secure https:// links only)