You can add a gateway account more than once by using a different name each time.

Each of the gateways requires a different set of parameters. Refer to the list below for more information.

  1. Add gateway using your credentials.
  2. Add gateway using your credentials and activate wallet payments (Apple/Google Pay)

Gateway types

PayPal ClassicPaypalClassic
Zip MoneyZipmoney

Request body

type+1typeA type of the gateway. See Types table
name+1stringA manually defined name
default-boolUse the gateway by default for the Client SDK widget. Default value is false
mode-stringDefaults to test, must be live for the production mode
proccess_custom_fields-boolAll custom fields will be sent to the payment gateway during any transaction, if the payment gateway supports it. false by default (this feature is disabled)
meta-objectAn optional object with specific fields for different gateways
meta.reversal-boolA flag to use reversal functionality for transactions which have unexpected responses from a payment gateway (e.g., connection timeout, server errors, etc.). Supported Gateways: MasterCard. false by default
meta.store_ccv-boolA flag to be able to use a CVV value for the initial transaction
meta.version-numberA number to specify gateway version when supported (Afterpay)
wallet-objectAn optional object with specific fields for wallet payments such as Apple/Google Pay (Apple wallet)objectAn optional object with specific fields for Apple Pay Apple Merchant ID Apple Merchant ID Certificate Apple Merchant ID Private Key Apple Payment Processing Certificate used for the encryption process Apple Payment Processing Private Key used to authenticate the communication with Apple Pay servers (Google wallet)objectAn optional object with specific fields for Google Pay Merchant ID
settings-objectAn optional object with additional settings
settings.terminal_id+stringTerminal ID
settings.acquiring_institution_id+stringAcquiring Institution ID
settings.forwarding_institution_id+stringForwarding Institution ID
settings.merchant_name+stringMerchant Name
settings.merchant_tier_code+stringMerchant Tier Code
settings.merchant_category_code+stringMerchant Category Code

Request body for each gateway

PayPalusername+stringClient ID
PayPalpassword+stringSecret key
PayPal Classic
PayPal Classicusername+stringClient ID
PayPal Classicpassword+stringSecret key
PayPal Classicsignature+stringSignature
Zip Money
Zip Moneyusername+stringUsername
MasterCardwallets+2objectOptional object with specific fields for wallet payments like Apple/Google Pay (Apple pay)objectOptional object with specific fields for Apple Pay (Apple pay)string Merchant ID (Apple pay)stringMerchant ID Certificate (Apple pay)stringMerchant ID Private Key (Apple pay)stringPayment Processing Certificate (Apple pay)stringPayment Processing Private Key (Google pay)objectObject with specific fields for Apple Pay (Google pay)stringGoogle Merchant ID