You can use this API to update customer information (eg email address) or add more payment sources to a customer.


You can:

  1. Add a new payment source with credit card
  2. Add a new payment source with one-time token
  3. Add a new payment source with vault token
  4. Set default source. By default default source always equal a new added payment source

Request params

id+string (24 hex characters)_id received at the creation stage

Request body

token+2string(UIID)One-time token with all the payment source information
reference-stringManually defined reference for customer in payment systems
description-stringCustomer description. This is customer internal description
company_name-stringCustomer company name
first_name-stringCustomer first name
last_name-stringCustomer last name
email-stringCustomer email
phone-string(E.164)Customer phone in E.164 international notation (Example: +12345678901)
default_source+string (24 hex characters)Payment source used by default
payment_source+2, +3objectSee create customer