initialize charge for wallet payments

A сharge for the wallet is a method that creates a token to utilize in the Client SDK. It initializes payments using Apple/Google Pay, PayPal Smart, AfterPay, etc.

Request query params

captureboolAutomatically capturing or just authorize. By default true

Request body

fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
amount+floatAn amount of the payment
currency+string (iso4217 alpha-3)A currency code
description-stringA manually defined description for payments in payment systems
reference-stringA manually defined reference for payments in payment systems
customer+objectAn object with the customer’s information
customer.first_name-stringA customer's first name
customer.last_name-stringA customer's last name customer's email customer's phone in the E.164 international notation (Example: +12345678901)
customer.reference-stringA customer's reference
customer.payment_source+objectAn object with payment source information
customer.payment_source.gateway_id+string (24 hex characters)A gateway ID used for the customer's payment source
customer.payment_source.address_line1-stringThe customer's payment source address, line 1
customer.payment_source.address_line2-stringThe customer's payment source address, line 2
customer.payment_source.address_line3-stringThe customer's payment source address, line 3 customer's payment source address city
customer.payment_source.state-stringThe customer's payment source address state
customer.payment_source.postcode-stringThe customer's payment source address post code customer's payment source address country
meta.store_id-stringA store ID (required for a Flypay gateway)
meta.store_name-stringA store name (required for Flypay and Apple Pay (via MPGS) gateways)
meta.success_url-stringMerchant site success redirect URL (required for Afterpay)
meta.error_url-stringMerchant site error redirect URL (required for Afterpay)
shipping-objectShipping details of the transaction
shipping.address_line1-stringThe customer's shipping address, line 1
shipping.address_line2-stringThe customer's shipping address, line 2
shipping.address_line3-stringThe customer's shipping address, line 3
shipping.address_state-stringThe customer's shipping address, state
shipping.address_country-stringThe customer's shipping address, country
shipping.address_city-stringThe customer's shipping address, city
shipping.address_postcode-stringThe customer's shipping address, postcode
shipping.address_origin_postcode-stringThe customer's shipping address, origin postcode
shipping.address_company-stringThe customer's shipping address, company
shipping.method-stringThe customer's shipping method for a transaction
shipping.amount-stringThe customer's shipping amount (required for Afterpay)
shipping.currency-stringThe customer's shipping currency (required for Afterpay) customer's shipping contact info customer's shipping contact phone number customer's shipping contact first name customer's shipping contact last name
items-arrayOnly for Afterpay (optional), each item could have amount, name, type, quantity, item_uri and image_uri.
items[].name-stringItem name
items[].type-stringItem type
items[].quantity-numberItem quantity
items[].item_uri-stringItem uri
items[].image_uri-stringItem image uri
item[].amount-string (numeric)Item amount

Response body

fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
token+stringA token to be used in the Client SDK to process Apple/Google Pay, PayPal Smart, AfterPay, etc. transactions