The field will be disregarded if it is marked as optional and the format provided is incorrect. However, a validation error will be displayed if the field is marked as mandatory and the format provided is incorrect.

"+" - means required (for all flows)
"-" - means not required (for any flow)
For instance, in POST Create Charge flow:
+6 means that the field is required for flow number 6
-6 means that the field is not required for flow number 6


Notifications are automated messages that are triggered in response to events within the system.

Within PowerBoard, notification triggers are set up to fire on different events. Notification triggers can have different types (i.e. Webhook, Email, Sms) and events (i.e. Transaction Success).

Notifications for email and SMS require templates for the notification.

Notification resource

type+stringType of notification: webhook, email, sms
destination+stringWhere to send notification (secure https:// URL for webhook, email address for email ({{EMAIL}} of the current customer), phone number in international E.164 format ({{PHONE}} of the current customer))
template_id+ email,
+ sms
stringCustom template, which can be used with email or SMS notifications
event+stringEvent to trigger a notification.
transaction_only- webhookboolIf true, the payload of an event will include information on the latest transaction only and a charge ID. The rest of the fields will be omitted. By default, it is set to false.
notification_service_id- webhookstringAuthentication service ID (secure https:// links only)


transaction_successTransaction processed successfully
transaction_failureTransaction processed unsuccessfully
subscription_transactionTransaction processed by subscription
subscription_transaction_failureTransaction processed by subscription unsuccessfully
subscription_creation_successSubscription created successfully
subscription_creation_failureSubscription created unsuccessfully
subscription_updatedSubscription was updated
subscription_finishedSubscription was finished
subscription_failedSubscription failed
refund_requestedRefund was requested
refund_successfulRefund processed successfully
refund_failureRefund processed unsuccessfully
card_expiration_warningCard will be expired soon

Webhook event example

PowerBoard supports the following webhook events:

  • Transaction Success
  • Transaction by Subscription Success
  • Transaction by Subscription Failed
  • Subscription Creation Success
  • Subscription Finished
  • Subscription Updated
  • Subscription Failed
  • Refund Requested
  • Refund Success
  • Refund Failure
  • Card Expiration Warning