Returns all subscriptions for the account

Request query params


fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
skip-numberA pagination parameter to skip the first N subscriptions from the list, default = 0
limit-numberA pagination parameter to limit the output to N, default = 100, maximum value = 1000
sortkey-stringA sorting key parameter, i.e. created_at
sortdirection-stringA sorting order direction parameter ASC or DESC (DESC by default)


fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
gateway_id-string (24 hex characters)An ID of a gateway used for creating a subscription
customer_id-string (24 hex characters)An ID of a customer for whom a subscription was created
status-stringSee Status table


fieldrequired [flow]typedescription
search-stringA word or phrase used for searching created subscriptions (search works by fields: First Name, Last Name and Email)