The field will be disregarded if it is marked as optional and the format provided is incorrect. However, a validation error will be displayed if the field is marked as mandatory and the format provided is incorrect.

"+" - means required (for all flows)
"-" - means not required (for any flow)
For instance, in POST Create Charge flow:
+6 means that the field is required for flow number 6
-6 means that the field is not required for flow number 6


A customer represents an individual who can make or receive payments. Through the use of vaulted tokens, Customers store one or more payment sources, so that payment information doesn’t need to be collected again. Customers can also be associated with Subscriptions and can have Charges added against them.


The response is different depends on such conditions:

  1. Created with credit card payment source
  2. Created with checkout payment source type

Customer resource

reference-stringManually defined reference for customer in payment systems
description-stringCustomer description. This is customer internal description
company_name-stringCustomer company name
_id+string (24 hex characters)Charge Id for any future requests
user_id-string (24 hex characters)id of an initiator of the request if the request was by the personal token (from the dashboard)
created_at+string(ISO 8601 format - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ)Charge creation date
updated_at+string(ISO 8601 format - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ)Date of last charge update
status+stringActual charge status. See the status table
archived+boolFor new created charges always false, true after manual archiving
first_name-stringCustomer first name
last_name-stringCustomer last name
email-stringCustomer email
phone-string(E.164)Customer phone in E.164 international notation (Example: +12345678901)
default_source+string (24 hex characters)Payment source used by default
payment_sources+ArrayCollection with payment information
payment_sources[].gateway_id+string (24 hex characters)Gateway id
payment_sources[].gateway_type+stringType of gateway
payment_sources[].gateway_name+stringCustom name of of gateway
payment_sources[].type+stringType of payment source. card for payment sources created with credit card, bank_account for payment sources created with direct debit, checkout for payment sources created with checkout agreement (checkout button)
payment_sources[].card_name+1stringCardholder name (as on card)
payment_sources[].card_number_last4+1string(numeric)Card number last 4
payment_sources[].card_number_bin+1string(numeric)Card BIN number
payment_sources[].card_scheme+1stringCardholder scheme (i.g. visa, mastercard etc...)
payment_sources[].expire_month+1string(mm)Card expiration month mm
payment_sources[].expire_year+1string(yyyy)Card expiration year
payment_source.checkout_email+2stringThe email that was applied for checkout agreement
payment_source.checkout_holder+2stringThe holder name of account or wallet that was applied for checkout agreement
payment_sources[].address_line1-stringCustomer Address, line 1
payment_sources[].address_line2-stringCustomer Address, line 2
payment_sources[].address_state-stringCustomer Address, State
payment_sources[].address_country-stringCustomer Address, Country Code
payment_sources[].address_city-stringCustomer Address, City
payment_sources[].address_postcode-stringCustomer Address, Postcode
statistics-objectstatistics of using customer
statistics.total_collected_amount+numberTotal collected amount
statistics.successful_transactions+numberSuccessful transactions


activeAn active customer
archivedA customer is archived

Payment Source status

archivedA deleted payment source